We deserve better from our government. The people must come first.

Every American – regardless of zip code, sex, gender, age, race, ethnicity, marital status, disability, religion, or sexual orientation – deserves equal opportunity to live a full and satisfying life. We should all be able to raise a family, own a home, save for the future, grow a business, serve our communities, and retire in comfort.

We owe it to ourselves and our children to fight for a better tomorrow.
— Allison Galbraith


Allison believes healthcare should be a right, not a privilege, and supports universal healthcare. The ACA was an improvement for many, including Allison, who was able to start a business because the ACA Essential Benefits enabled her to purchase affordable private insurance. However, it is far from perfect. Healthcare and prescription drug costs are out of control. Many Americans struggle to pay high premiums and deductibles. In the current system, patient, insurance company, and health care provider interests are fundamentally misaligned.

Universal healthcare would not only improve health outcomes, it would lower costs, increase job mobility, remove barriers to retirement, enable entrepreneurship, and ease burdens on small businesses. While working towards universal healthcare, Allison will pursue policies to improve access to safe and efficacious low-cost prescription medications and improve our current system, expand Medicare and Medicaid, and guarantee our access to quality, affordable healthcare, including reproductive and mental health.

Economic Opportunity

America is a “land of opportunity,” yet a disgraceful number of Americans live in poverty. Allison believes that securing a basic standard of living and improving the quality of life for each and every individual is not only the right thing to do, it’s the practical thing to do.  As a working mother and small business-owner, Allison understands the importance of a thriving economy and the availability of well-paying jobs within the First District.

Allison would work to implement sustainable and fiscally responsible economic policies that create well-paying jobs and encourage business growth. Through smart, targeted investments, we can leverage the strengths of both government and industry to create jobs and achieve positive, enduring returns which benefit our communities. To put Marylanders to work, Allison would support investments in areas such as:

  • Clean energy technology such as wind, hydroelectric, and solar power 
  • Physical infrastructure such as water utilities, roads, bridges, and public transportation
  • Digital infrastructure, including high-speed broadband for all
  • Training and continuing education programs to create and maintain a skilled workforce and allow advancement
  • Healthcare expansion in rural areas

At the same time, Allison would fight to promote healthy work-life balances and protect and expand workers' rights to safe working environments, equal pay for equal work, paid vacation and sick leave, paid maternity/paternity/family leave, consistent hours, and a livable minimum wage. She would also support policies making it easier for Veterans to transition into the civilian workforce,  such as reciprocity for military training in commercial certifications.

The Environment

Preserving the environment is critical to protect our health, our economy, and our posterity. We must have clean air, clean water, and safe food. Our beautiful beaches, the Chesapeake Bay, and our farmlands are a large part of our economy. Allison supports sensible policies and investments that create sustainable, affordable solutions to preserve our environment while protecting the interests of our residents, our watermen, our farmers, and future generations.

Technological advancements offer many possible solutions - and create jobs. Clean energy technology such as wind, hydroelectric, and solar power can serve the energy needs of the community and provide energy choice while helping to fight climate change. Development and maintenance of water utility infrastructure across the country helps the nation’s water utilities anticipate, plan for, and adapt to risks from flooding, sea level rise, and storm surge. Smart farming and precision agriculture can improve yield while reducing water wastage, chemical run-off, and CO2 emissions.


Students, teachers, and administrators must be given the tools, support, and flexibility they need to prepare students for a global economy. Every graduate of an American high school should possess the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce directly or to attend a trade school or higher education institution anywhere in the country – debt free. We must strengthen our public education system, Pre-K through university, and take immediate action to address the student debt crisis.

Allison will work to ensure our local schools get the resources they need to attract great teachers, update facilities, invest in technology, test innovative approaches, and reduce class sizes, while meeting robust federal standards for accountability. She will work to remove the barriers many parents face in obtaining critical special education services, and improve the services provided so all of our children are given opportunity to thrive. She will fight to expand technical and vocational programs in high schools so they benefit the students who need them the most.

Anti-Corruption: Ethical Government and Fair Elections

The government will not put people first until we get big money out of politics. We must overturn Citizens United, prohibit politicians from raising funds from interests they regulate, and limit campaign contributions and fundraising activities by lobbyists.

Allison supports the American Anti-Corruption Act, a piece of model legislation designed to limit the influence of money in American politics by overhauling lobbying, transparency, and campaign finance laws.

Allison would also oppose Congressional exemptions from legislature. If a law is good enough for us to be subjected to, it better be good enough for Congress to be subjected to also.

National Security

The men and women of our armed services—and their families—make incredible sacrifices to protect our country. They must be treated with respect, given the best tools available to complete their missions, and be honored for their contributions. We owe it to taxpayers to achieve these goals without breaking the bank.

Research and Development (R&D) and Training are critical investments to meet these goals. Allison specializes in program management and acquisition streamlining for defense R&D programs. She would work to make the federal government operate more efficiently, and invest in critical training and new technology in military medical, intelligence, and cybersecurity programs to protect our troops and preserve our national security.